User Comments - Insurance Repair of Buildings.

Comments from Industry Insiders

"It's much easier to work with a contractor who knows how to write up the initial specifications using our format. Also, I prefer to use a contractor who knows how to conduct himself with my clients." - Don Glynn, Insurance Adjuster, California 

"I can't afford to take chances on contractors who are unfamiliar with the way we do business." - Ted Blum, Insurance Adjuster, New York 

Comments from Contractors

- T. Dearing, Nevada 

"You won't be sorry." 
- Ken Arnold, Utah 

"Incredible earnings."  
- Joyce Palmer, Illinois 

"The money is great." 
- T. Queroz, New Mexico 

"More [profit] than I want to say." 
- Ben Lawson, Iowa 

"This is my main business now." 
- Ben Quam, Missouri 

"I make 40 to 60% profit margins." 
- Brad S. California  

"Tremendous take home [pay]." 
- Ted Halburton, Kansas 

"40 percent markup is typical." 
- Fred Lunjanski, Alabama 

"I get to keep about a quarter to a third." 
- Chester Flagg, Colorado 

"It's the best investment I've made in a long time." 
- Dennis Reese, Maine 

"I'm sure glad I sent for your course. It's great." 
- Collin Schneiderman, Idaho 

"At first I thought it just couldn't be that easy... but it is." 
- Able Burton, Kentucky 

"The profits are great, usually around 40% I'd say." 
- George Lamberton, North Dakota 

"Can I buy another copy for my brother in Colorado?" 
- George Miller, South Carolina 

"Let's just say I make more than the title [of the book] suggests." 
- Matt Kindron, Texas 

"It's better than any kind of contracting work I ever did before." 
- Lyle Jenner, Missouri 

"If everyone knew about this, the competition would get fierce." 
- Edward Pleith, Colorado 

"Excellent presentation of good information 
- The book is a winner." Keith Devane, Kentucky 

"42% average [profit] and over 80% hit rate [bids accepted]" 
- Jay Gigstead, Washington State 

"To get this away from me, you'd have to pry it from my cold, dead hands." 
- Jake Saunders, Oregon 

"I don't want to say, but you can put me down for over thirty percent [profit]." 
- Pete Corpuz, North Carolina 

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