Our Guarantee(s) 

The package comes with two guarantees. These guarantees have been carefully designed so that you take no risk in this transaction, After all, in today's uncertain world, you need solid protection. 


The first guarantee enables you to look at the manual and pricing guide free of any charge. You get ten full days to look at the package.  

Read it at your leisure, give it a complete, critical examination.  If you don't agree that the information can launch you into a new level of high profit contracting, then return it to us and we will give you a complete refund of your purchase price plus we will reimburse you for the return postage.  It's that simple. You still get to keep the free bonus offers, even if you return the package. 

                    PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE 

The second guarantee allows you to try the program on your own, run it for a full year, determine if it will work for you, return it if you are unsatisfied, all without risk. 

So go for it. Launch the program. Invest a few hours each week for just a few weeks, make the contacts, talk to the insiders, set the stage. Any competent contractor can do it. 

Within a few months the jobs should start rolling in. Take them on and reap the profits. Prove to yourself that it can be done. 

You have a full year to work the program. After ten or eleven months, if you are unsatisfied with the performance of this program, you get a full refund of your entire purchase price. 

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